Customer Care

Customers are the lifeline of our business. We value all the customers that have come to us to be served in clothing designs, including potential customers. So though we highly value our customers, one thing everyone should be aware of is that we do not treat our customers in an unfair manner but with fairness, honesty and integrity.

Privacy & Safety

Our client's privacy and their information are of paramount importance at Martha Mode. We do not give out any information for advertisement purposes or any other mandate that might compromise the safety and peace of our customers. You can rest assured that all our customers are valued and highly appreciated within our business and all our client's information is kept for the purposes of Martha Modes business only.

Wholesale Inquiries

Martha Mode does create bulk clothing for sale, and all orders must be placed at an appropriate schedule. All orders must be according to specifications and a time frame must be agreed to. Martha Mode will supply a contract that will be adhered to and signed between the two parties. All our orders are fulfilled on time and there will be a minimum payment. Sizes are also required based on the client's standards of sizes.


Payment Methods

Offline Payments

-Direct Deposit