Frequently asked questions

Are the clothes Custom Designs?

Yes they are. At Martha mode we understand that people have different shapes and sizes and we cater for all of them. We value how people look and strive to make sure that all our designs fit and are well made with great stiching and quality.

Can I visit the shop and choose a tailored package?

Yes you can. We prefer for our customers to come into the shop and be measured and then we design a specific tailor made female or male clothing for you. We make from normal wear and special events wear.

Can I Laybye?

Yes you can. We have a laybye policy for all our clients. Contact us @ marthamodeb@gmail.com and we will get back to you and discuss how our laybye works so that you can understand everything.

How long does it take to make designs?

Its all based on you. The greater the design sometimes time is needed to make the best clothes. The sooner you place an order, the quicker we can make it.