Matha Kapinga Tshimanga. A great clothing designer who makes and crafts world-class African and Non-African designs. She came from a family of seven children, four girls, and three boys. Martha is the second daughter of Thierry Tshimanga and Claudine Nseya. She was born on the 3rd of April 1998 in Mbuji-Mayi Kasaï DRC. She did her primary and high school in Sainte Famille. For personal reasons, her parents decided to move from Lemba to the community of Mont-Ngafula. And it was difficult for her to continue with her studies at the same school, this is where everything started.


She was one point extremely afraid to announce to her parents that she wanted to do Fashion design. Because of social rank within her country and community, it is not a promising career and even the surroundings weren't encouraging for her to do fashion design, But to her surprise her father allowed her to do it.


When she and the family got to Mont-Ngafula it was difficult for her to find a school that offered Fashion design as a course. Her siblings got accepted into good schools around the new area and she was the only one that did not get proper schooling. So she went to a school that did not carry a good reputation,  but since the school had what she wanted to study she accepted the criticism from others because she had decided to follow her dream. On an Educational platform, Martha is close to accomplishing her diploma at Tshwane University of Technology in South Africa. A diploma in Fashion Design.


Her parent's really support her in everything she does, her Mom really loves Fashion, but she did not have the means to finish her studies in fashion design at that time due to the financial crisis. So Martha decided to fulfill her dream as being a Fashion designer and teach her how to make clothes. And now she makes clothes with Martha. She's been a great help to Martha, Martha wouldn't have made it this far without her Mothers help and support. 



"Mode " a French word which means Fashion. 

Which is the combination of Martha's Name and Fashion.

In the early days of this successful business, Martha started working from home in the families home garage in South Africa, and she was having a few customers who knew her and they were always coming.  With God's help, Martha together with her mom managed to open Their first store in October 2018.

Martha focused more on African style and some modern Designs. She then later on in the business catered both Men and Women's wear. Martha believes in creating new styles inspired by African Fashion and improve them to a more classic and contemporary style.